Verification of the Steam Deck LCD screen!

Verification of the Steam Deck LCD screen!

Hello everyone.

Thank you for your continuous interest in the Steam Deck store.

Today, we would like to introduce you to the LCD screen used in the Steam Deck.

There are two types of LCD screens: “non-glare (non-glare LCD)” and “glare (glossy LCD)”. 64GB/256GB models use the glare (glossy) type, while the 512GB model uses the non-glare (non-glare) type.

You can also check out the video here.

Of the three Steam Deck models, only the 512GB uses a non-glare LCD screen called Premium Anti-Glare Etched Glass.

Which type you choose depends on your usage and preference, but please check the advantages and disadvantages of each from the following.

Advantages Disadvantages Usage/occasions
Glare LCD ・Clear contrast and vividly displayed colors ・Easily reflective of outside light
・Easy to see your face and lighting in dark scenes
・Easy to strain the eyes
・Fingerprints tend to remain and dust is easily visible.
・Creative work such as video or image editing
・As a smartphone or TV LCD screen
Non-glare LCD ・Easy to concentrate on the image due to less reflection of external light and reduced glare
・Reduced strain on the eyes
・Fingerprints are less likely to remain, and dust is less noticeable.
・The coloring is displayed in a subdued manner and appears somewhat whitish. ・Play games for a few hours or create tables and texts.

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