In which regions can I reserve Steam Deck? Are there any restrictions on customers who can use the service?

Customers in Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan can reserve a Steam Deck on this site. Purchases must be made within the same country as your shipping address.

Can I purchase several items in stock?

Up to four items in stock can be purchased per person.

When will out-of-stock items be back in stock?

For any out-of-stock items, we display an estimated order availability right on the product page when restock is scheduled. If you add the product to your ”wishlist”, you will receive an email notification when it is back in stock.

Is Steam Deck available for purchase at physical stores?

Yes, Steam Deck is available for purchase at authorized physical stores in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. For a list of the stores, please visit Here.

How much does shipping cost?

The shipping cost for each region is as follows:

  • Japan: 900 JPY, +400 JPY per item after the first one
  • South Korea: 8,000 KRW, +3500 KRW per item after the first one
  • Taiwan: 190 TWD, +90 TWD per item after the first one
  • Hong Kong: 50 HKD, +23 HKD per item after the first one
When will it be shipped after the payment is completed? Can I receive a notification with delivery details?

We plan to ship your ordered item 3 to 9 days after the payment is completed. We will email you the tracking number after it is shipped. Shipment may be delayed depending on the weather and delivery circumstances.

Which company will be delivering my package?

Below is the list of delivery companies for each region:

  • Japan: Sagawa Express (佐川急便)
  • Korea: CJ Logistics
  • Taiwan: HCT Logistics (新竹物流)
  • Hong Kong: SF Express
Will delivery be delayed for reasons other than distribution or weather?

Incomplete address information may cause delays in delivery. (e.g., no phone number, incorrect address format, and incorrectly entered information)
Therefore, please make sure to write your correct shipping address in the local language. We might send you an e-mail if additional details are required.

What payment methods can I use?

You can refer to the “Payment methods” on This page for more details.

Can I pay in installments?

Unfortunately, we do not accept installment payments.

My credit card is not being processed.

① When you already attempted payment multiple times:
Some credit card companies may have restrictions in place to prevent unauthorized use. Please try again on another day or contact your credit card company to see if such restrictions apply to your use of our store.

② When the server is congested:
You can try again at a later time.

Alternatively, you might consider using a different credit card or exploring alternative payment methods.

Is it possible to obtain a Unified Invoice?

Yes, our store issues Unified Invoices. When making a purchase, you can select the type of invoice you need and provide the necessary information.

Can I change the type of Unified Invoice after making a purchase?

No, the type of invoice cannot be changed once the purchase is completed. No, the type of invoice cannot be changed once the purchase is completed.

What if I entered incorrect information for the Unified Invoice by mistake? Can it be corrected?

Once the invoice is issued, the information cannot be modified. Please double-check your information before completing the purchase.

Can I get the Unified Invoice for business purchases I made in the past before the option was available?

We have only been issuing Unified Invoices for business entities since December 10, 2023. Unfortunately, we cannot change past personal invoices into business invoices at anytime.

Can I change the shipping address after completing the purchase?

“Please check your order status from My Account.

■ When your order status is “Processing”
Please let us know the correct address from Here so that Support can check.
※ Please note that we may not be able to make the change depending on the status of your order.

■ When your order status is “Packaging”
Unfortunately, address change is not possible once shipping arrangement has been finalized.
Please check the tracking number to find the delivery office and contact them.

Can I change the model of the product after completing the purchase?

Please note that you cannot change the model of the product after the purchase is completed.

I forgot my store account password.

You can reset your password by clicking Here.
After resetting your password, please try logging in again.

I did not receive an order confirmation email.

The email address you registered for your order may be incorrect, or [ [email protected] ] may have been set to spam.
Please check your spam settings and contact Support.

Can I cancel my order after completing the purchase?

Please check the status of your order via My Account.

■ When your order status is “Processing”
Since the order has not yet been arranged for shipping, you can cancel it yourself.
Please click the “Cancel” button of the relevant order, enter the reason for cancellation, and click the “Send Cancel” button.
After submitting your cancellation, please make sure that the status of the relevant order is set to .
※Your cancellation will not be sent unless you provide a reason for your cancellation. Please note that we will not be able to accept a cancellation request if the operation has not been completed.
※Once cancelled, the same order cannot be reinstated. If you wish to repurchase, please place a new order.

■ When your order status is “Packaging”
Cancellation cannot be accepted because shipping arrangements have already been made.
However, as stated in our Return Policy, customers who purchase from the KOMODO Steam Deck Store have the right to return the product within 14 days from the date of receipt. For more details, please check Here.
Japan: Once the order has been shipped, it is the responsibility of the customer to pick up the product within the delivery company’s storage period.

Any forwarding costs incurred due to a change of delivery address will be the responsibility of the customer.
If the customer is unable to receive the product at the designated shipping address due to customer circumstances and requests a cancellation, we will refund the amount minus shipping and handling charges after confirming that the product has been returned to our warehouse.
※ Please note that it may take approximately two weeks for the item to be returned to the warehouse.

Can I return the product that has already delivered?

“You have the right to return the product you purchased within 14 days from the date of receipt.
However, there are several conditions for returns, such as the product being new and unopened, including the outer box, so please check Return Policy for more details.

I’m having trouble with my Steam Deck.

KOMODO is only responsible for sales and shipping of the items on this website.
Please contact Steam Support to inquire about any problems with the product, as they have been verified and determined by Valve, the manufacturer of the product, in accordance with the Valve Hardware Warranty.

Do you have repair centers and parts sales in Asia?

Currently, there are no repair centers in the four Asian regions. Also, we do not plan to sell any parts at this time. We will keep you informed of any future initiatives or updates.

Can I get an invoice for my order?

You can download an invoice for each order from your My Account page.
Please log in to our store from Here after purchase, then go to My Account > Order Details.

I want to know how to contact the Steam Deck Store.

We accept inquiries through our store’s inquiry form and will only respond by e-mail.
Please be aware that we are unable to provide assistance for inquiries made at our company headquarters.
※ Please ensure that [[email protected]] is whitelisted to receive our emails.
※ Please ensure that your email address is accurate when reaching out to us.

For inquiries not answered in the Transaction Guide and FAQ, please contact us from Here.