Bulk Purchase Program

This program is currently only available in Japan, but will be soon added to other regions too.

KOMODO has established the bulk purchase program to allow for a customer to purchase more than 4 units. In order to participate in the bulk purchase program, you will need to have a Trusted Account.

How to Obtain a Trusted Account

If you wish to have a Trusted Account, please follow the process and agree to the notes listed below before applying.

・ You will be required to submit identification documents.
・ Bulk purchase can only be placed from Trusted Accounts.
・ Once purchase limit is reached, you will not be able to buy again until it resets.
・ Payment method available for bulk purchase are bank transfer and credit card.
・ Please refer to FAQ for shipping costs.
・ Deliveries will only be made to the delivery address you have submitted for verification.
・ The phone number must be a valid number used in the area where you reside.
・ It may take around 2 weeks before shipping.
・ All transactions are made under the Terms of Use of this store described here.

Step 1 – Create a KOMODO Steam Deck Store account.

If you have not created a dedicated Steam Deck Store account, please create one first here.

Step 2 – Register your billing / shipping address

If you have not yet registered an address with your account, please register it here.
This address will be used in the verification process. Any change of address after the verification is complete will need to be verified again.

Step 3 – Submit Application Form

The application form is here.

– If you are an individual, the name of the person applying.
– For corporations, the name of the person in charge of the application.

【Email address】
– Email address used when registering an account.

After receiving your application, we will send you an email with detailed information about the documents you will need to present.
If you still have not received any response after 3 business days, please make sure you can receive emails from [email protected] and contact us anew.

Step 4 – Submit Identification Documents

Once we receive the necessary documents, we will verify that your account information matches the information on your identification documents.
Please allow 7 business days for confirmation.

Step 5 – Notice of account change

Once we have completed your identity verification, we will switch your account status to “Trusted”.
Please wait for us to contact you after the account has been switched.
Please note that if we receive orders beyond the standard account limits from you before the account switch, we will cancel these orders.

How to Make a Bulk Purchase Once You’ve Obtained a Trusted Account

Step 6 – Place your order at KOMODO Steam Deck Store

After logging in with your dedicated account, you can order up to 40 units as long as they are in stock on the store.
Please note the maximum number of units available for sale through bulk purchase may be adjusted at any time in KOMODO’s discretion.
If the item is out of stock, an error will be displayed and you will need to reduce the number of items you order.

The only payment methods available for a bulk order are 【Bank Transfer】 or 【Credit Card】.
Note:When using 【Bank Transfer】the bank account changes to transfer to changes with each transfer, please make sure to transfer to the correct account for your transaction.

Step 7 – Shipping of ordered products

Delivery of a bulk order may take approximately two weeks.